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Get Acquainted With A Singer & Songwriter; Anna Toth

Get Acquainted With A Singer & Songwriter; Anna Toth

Anna Toth has found her voice and expresses herself through honest lyrics and soothing tunes as she continues to grow as a musician. This 20 year old Vancouver singer and songwriter shares her artistry with a range of covers and original songs on YouTube that receive thousands of views. Anna has collaborated with other local talent like IFHT, Gentleman’s Vibe and Linda Dong. Her folksy heartfelt music is bringing a whimsical solace to a growing audience which she further connects with through social media.

Anna put down the songwriting pen to share her passion for music with 604 Now:


What is the best part of singing and song writing for you?

I like that’s it flexible. I like that I can go into my room and think, and write songs, and sing in private; and that I can also take those songs and re-work them to accommodate a band and then perform for a larger audience.

Songs are so fluid, and they’re never played or received the exact same way. Each musician contributes a piece of their own personality to it. I’ve also heard several different fantastic interpretations of originals I thought were so straightforwardly simple. I’m grateful song writing has given me the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people.


How did you decide to share your voice on YouTube?

I created my YouTube channel during a quiet Christmas Holiday season. I had just started attending a new school and thought that having a YouTube channel would help me make friends. I don’t know how accurate that assumption was, but it was definitely the motivation I needed to start a habit.

It’s funny, because I was in grade 10 at the time, and had written about thirty mediocre pre-teen songs about angst and crushes from afar. I’ve removed a lot of those awkward early videos, but a couple of them are still up…

I started posting covers, because covers are absolutely vital in growing your following. Audiences will stumble across your videos if they see a title that looks familiar in their related videos bar.


What is involved in producing covers and original songs?

It’s definitely time consuming… especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. Rehearsal takes time, camera set up takes time… then there’s lighting, getting multiple takes, editing, uploading, and promoting.  Even if the video is just three minutes long… a video can easily take an entire day to complete somewhat thoroughly.


Get Acquainted With A Singer & Songwriter; Anna Toth


What sort of opportunities has your growing online presence given way to so far?

The biggest one was going to Toronto and recording in Metalworks Studio with Cone McCaslin from Sum 41.The entire situation arose because I had a YouTube channel. Cone and Darcy were able to look up my work and gauge whether I was someone they wanted to invest their time and energy with. They found my videos and were able to listen to the originals I had written.

It’s also helped me sell out a performance at the Railway Club, and meet people who survive solely off their careers in music. In a nutshell, my social media presence helps legitimize me as a singer and songwriter.


Favourite Vancouver artists?

I think Hey Ocean!, Gio Levy, Little India, Chase Your Words, Hannah Epperson, The Tourist Company, Good for Grapes… to name a few.


Favourite Vancouver hangouts?

I love Gastown. Revolver, Trees Organic, and Timbertrain are awesome coffee houses. And I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of walking along Waterfront.

Get Acquainted With A Singer & Songwriter; Anna Toth

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring young artist?

A lot of people are going to feel entitled to give you advice, and even more are going to make you feel insecure about taking something like music seriously. Listen with empathy and consider the concerns of family members… then use their doubts to fuel your drive and determination. You have to really REALLy want it, because there are going to be a lot of forces working against you the entire way, and if you don’t believe in yourself you’re going to be swept under the current.


Anna Toth recently finished recording and mastering an EP and is planning the release and a tour. You can follow Anna’s musical journey at www.annatothmusic.com. You can also follow Anna Toth on Facebook and Twitter.


Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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