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Get Acquainted With A Hairdresser; Tamara Karsenti

Get Acquainted With A Hairdresser; Tamara Karsenti

Tamara Karsenti is a local hairdresser from Surrey who has fully committed herself to bringing better hair to the lower mainland. She has grown her clientele through social media, boasting over 3,400 followers on her Instagram account in less than one year. She is full of ambition and a young talent to keep an eye on – and she is the Queen of Ombre!

Tamara put down her scissors to chat with 604 Now about everything hair-related, including her future plans and the story to her success:

When did you become a hairdresser?

I went to school a year ago, and did a six-month program and graduated in February of last year. I started doing hair on my own in April.


What school did you attend?

Vancouver Hair Academy


Why did you choose this specific school?

I researched a bunch of schools and this one stood out to me because it was a quick six months and only 3 days a week. It allowed me to be able to work while going to school. And I liked how it was super full-on and compressed because it was really hands-on. It cut out all the stuff from the textbook and I was able to work on the mannequins the entire time. On the first day of school I did a haircut!


Did you feel comfortable doing hair right away?

No! At first I thought, “Oh my god, I’m never going to get this in six months. I’m going to be so uncomfortable.” Then once the program is over, you just start doing hair and become more comfortable. You learn something every day with hair because trends are always changing and people want different things. So you’re never fully comfortable doing hair, which makes it fun.


Do you remember your first client? How did that go?

At school, we took clients right away, yet it’s different because the teachers are there to help. When I first started doing hair on my own, I was super nervous, but it ended up going so well. [The client] was so happy! It made me feel so much more comfortable with future clients seeing how happy I could make someone by doing their hair.


What do you like the most about doing hair?

I like seeing my client’s reaction after I’ve done their hair. I had a client once who started crying because she said she never gives herself any me-time (she’s a mom). She told me, “I finally feel pretty!” – I knew I did that and it made me feel so good!


Get Acquainted With A Hairdresser; Tamara Karsenti

What inspires you in regards to hairstyles?

I usually go with what the client wants to do: I look at their skin, their hair and their length, and I base it off what I think will look good on them. I see what they like and work off that.


What made you decide to become a hairdresser?

I started when I would cut all of my Barbie’s hair off. Then in high school, I always experimented on my own hair – I used myself as a Guinea Pig! After doing that, my friends saw my hair and wanted me to do theirs, so I thought to myself, “I could do this and get paid for it. And I love it!” I figured I would make it my career.


How do you market yourself?

I post all of my pictures of client’s hair to Instagram and do a lot of “Before and After” photos. That way people can look at the before photos and relate it to themselves – if the before photo looks like their hair – and then they see what their hair could look like in the after photo. Word of mouth is important because all of my clients are basically connected, so one friend will tell another, then tell her sister and so on.


What hairstyle/colour are you known for?

Ombre! 90% of my clients want an ombre. Not only is it in style, but it’s easy to maintain. Nobody wants to get their hair done every six weeks – especially have to worry about roots.


What is your favourite style to do?

I really like to do up-dos, especially for a special event like a wedding or a grad. It allows me to do something new and exciting with someone’s hair.


What are your plans for the future?

I love working for myself and making my own schedule, but I don’t see myself owning my own salon. However, I would love to own a boutique!


What else do you love about hairdressing?

Not only am I a hairdresser, but I’m half psychologist and half therapist, too. I get to help my clients with their hair and life. I’ve had clients open up to me about things and I’ve given them my advice. And I just met them! It’s awesome that I get to share that sort of bond with my clients.

Any standout moments in your career?

Just times when you’ve been working and you’re so tired, and then all of a sudden something really good happens and you realize you LOVE what you do. A client felt super bad about cancelling her appointment and she came by and brought me chocolates. Those are the moments where I think, “Wow, I really love my job.”


Want a haircut or colour? Contact Tamara Karsenti:

Instagram: thingsbytams_
Email: [email protected]


Interview by: Crystal Scuor

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