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Not So Obvious But Fun Date Night Ideas In Metro Vancouver

Date Ideas in Vancouver

Photo: Jerry Meaden / 604 Now Flickr Pool

While there are a number of regular chain restaurants and bars to enjoy a date in Vancouver, sometimes it’s fun to venture a little off the beaten path. Not only will doing so impress your date, but it will shake up your regular routine.

Let’s have a look at some unique date ideas in our oceanside city.

Date Ideas In Vancouver


The New Westminster Quay

Date Ideas In Vancouver

Some Vancouverities forget that there are so many places to explore just outside of the city; it is amazing! The New Westminster Quay is one such place, as it is the perfect place to take a date for a stroll around the pier. What’s more, it even has an adorable Tin Man soaring above the pier that is great for photographs.  Nothing quite completes the trip like locking up a love lock along the waterfront. Also, there are myriad places to eat and enjoy ice cream in the summer.

Dinner at Le Faux Bourgeois

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Roland Tanglao / Flickr

This renowned eatery is one of the premier spots to enjoy French cuisine in the city. What’s more, this charming restaurant doesn’t break the bank. While there are other delectable French restaurants in the city, this one is particularly special. Not only does it have a quiet, intimate atmosphere, but it won’t charge an arm and a leg for even the most gourmet entrees.

Poetry Slam at Cafe Deux Soleil

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Cafe Deux Soleil / Facebook

Every Monday night this Commercial Drive eatery is transformed into an exciting poetry slam. A multitude of people, from all different backgrounds and ages, get up and recite poetry. Not only are some of them incredibly talented, but the performances are extremely unique and heartfelt. It makes for a memorable and unique date experience.


Dark Table

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Dark Table / Facebook

This eatery is completely unique: not only will you the novelty of dining in the dark, but you’ll enjoy the adventure along with your date. Without the sense of sight, the senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified, allowing a new perception of reality. In addition, the servers at Dark Table either blind or visually impaired, so they are skilled at navigating the darkness. Bon appetit!

Adult Evening at Science World

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Jerry Meaden / 604 Now Flickr Pool

While it is still lots of fun during the day, it is very crowded with families and classrooms. In order to beat the crowds, Science World offers After Dark – adult only evenings that take place every 2 months. You can unleash your inner child without having to circumnavigate large packs of children, and it will be a very memorable night.

Night Painting

Paint Nite is an American company that offers live painting events accompanied by wine or cocktails. The events are held at various bars, restaurants, and hotels across Metro Vancouver. Also, the company’s website allows you to see all the upcoming dates with themes and buy tickets. The events are a great way to mix up your regular routine with your sweetie or flex your creative chops to wow a first date.

Not only is the experience fun, but a professional artist/party host guides the experience. Tickets usually sell for roughly $45 CAD, and the experience typically lasts a couple of hours.

Romantic Jazz Experience

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Blue Martini Jazz Cafe / Facebook

Blue Martini Jazz Cafe is a lively and romantic place to take in some jazz music in the city. What’s more, this eatery pairs fine tunes with delectable Italian cuisine. Vancouver’s finest soul, jazz, and blues musicians all congregate here to bring some extraordinary performances to your next outing. Located in Kitsilano, this venue is sure to impress your date.


Lost Souls of Gastown Walking Tour

Designed for adults, the Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour is also a marvelous theatre piece. The plot weaves through back streets and alleyways to a dramatic finale in the heart of Gastown’s Maple Tree Square. Highlights include the story of a wild frontier town that suffered a devastating fire, smallpox outbreaks, and unsolved murders.

Vancouver Aquarium

Date Ideas In Vancouver
Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

If you love the aquarium by day, then you are sure to love it by night! Not only will you get to peer into the tanks with a glass of wine or a beer, but you won’t be fighting huge crowds. These kid-free nights are perfect for taking that special someone out to enjoy an intimate night with beautiful views.

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