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French Waiter In Vancouver Fired For Attitude, Cites Cultural Discrimination

French Waiter

While the assertion that people feel the French are rude may seem archaic, a French waiter in Vancouver claims otherwise.

In fact, a former Milestone’s employee states that his French culture is exactly why he was let go.

Fired in 2016 from a Vancouver Milestones, Guillaume Rey states that his former employer found him both “combative and aggressive;” however, he claims that he conducted himself in a “direct, honest and professional” manner in the workplace.

The former server is now suing his former employer citing cultural discrimination with the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

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French Waiter Suing For Cultural Discrimination

Milestones filed to have the waiter’s complaint dismissed on March 7th; their application was in turn dismissed.

The chain restaurant acknowledges that Rey was overall good at his job; however, they also insist that his conduct toward colleagues was too harsh. In short, they felt that his behaviour violated their “Respect in the Workplace” policy.

Next, Rey’s case will go to the BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing where he will defend his cultural heritage.

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