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A New Commuter Rail May Connect Metro Vancouver to The Fraser Valley

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A commuter rail for Fraser Valley will happen, but the question of when is still up in the air.

The B.C. government spoke of potential plans during a Throne Speech, Tuesday. According to the speech, the provincial government is working on a “long-term vision for transit and transportation in the Lower Mainland.”

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“British Columbians can look forward to more options like rapid transit, HOV lanes and commuter rail out to the Fraser Valley, and high-speed rail connections with our neighbours to the south,” the speech continued.

But while it says plans are under-way, it’s unclear when it will come to fruition. It could happen in a matter of years or even decades.

The News reached out to B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, where they received an email back.

“TransLink, as part of a long-term regional transportation strategy (Transport 2050), is exploring a range of options to improve the movement of people and goods across the region,” the email read. “Through both direct discussions and as part of TransLink’s Transport 2050 consultations, we are also engaging leaders from Fraser Valley communities and BC Transit in building a longer-term plan for transit.”

In previous talks, Abbotsford mayor Henry Braun said he is a big advocate for creating a light rail system to connect to the Fraser Valley.

He had said an LTR should be constructed down the middle of Highway 1 between Surrey and the Fraser Valley.

So while these plans may happen in the future, “when” has yet to be answered.

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