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This Trail 1 Hour From Vancouver Leads You To An Old Plane Wreck

fraser river heritage park

Photo: SamR/Atlas Obscura

There’s a mysterious plane wreck to be discovered in the forested trails that make up Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission.

It appears to be a single seater plane, that was once wedged in between the branches of a tree.

According to Atlas Obscura, the wreckage is no longer in the branches, but now has scattered parts sitting on the forest floor nearby.

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There’s very little known about what caused the aircraft to crash and why the debris was never cleared up in the first place.

There’s graffiti on the plane parts, including signatures dating back to 1971.

To find this mysterious crash site, just take the trailhead closest to St. Mary’s school. It shouldn’t take longer than a half an hour to come across it.

Fraser River Heritage Park

Where: 7494 Mary St, Mission

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