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Former NHL Player Homeless In BC And Possibly Close To Death

NHL Player Homeless

Photo: pjstock20 / Youtube

Many people are homeless in Metro Vancouver due to the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing. In addition, many struggle to get the proper resources when struggling with mental health and addictions.

In response, the NDP government has announced that Riverview Mental Health Centre will reopen in 2019 with $100 million makeover to help combat the crisis.

Now, a former NHL player is living on the streets in British Columbia while battling a serious drug problem.

Stephen Peat played in 130 games for the Washington Capitals. In 2002, he was part of a particularly brutal fight with enforcer PJ Stock. As a result, the former player is suffering from symptoms that are seen in patients with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Indeed, these concussion-related brain injures often occur as the result of playing high-impact sports.


NHL Player Homeless: Mental Health in Sports

Stephen’s father, Walter Peat, spoke to Global News regarding the change in his son’s mental health.

“His forgetfulness, his deterioration in his mindset, it slowly changed to the point where, right now, he’s just a very different person,” he said.

Indeed, he told them that his son was once a happy young man that was always smiling; however, things slowly began to change during his junior hockey career. After spending time on probation for accidentally burning the family home down, he says his son started to spiral downwards quickly.

“But I do realize that at some point in time, this nightmare’s going to end one way or the other … either he’s going to get fixed or he’s going to die.”

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