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Security Footage Captures Motorcycle Rider Taken Down By VPD

The tail-end of a police incident on May 2nd, 2016 behind Bayside Performance, a motorcycle dealership in Vancouver was captured on security footage.

Kevin Boisvert, the owner, posted the video surveillance footage to his Facebook page which shows an unmarked police car close in on a motorcyclist in the back lot. The motorcyclist was identified as his regular customer Lucas Moh who later commented on the video via Facebook:

“I’m the guy in the video. I was taking frustrations out on my bike. Not smart. I admitted to police I was speeding. I had no idea I was being followed. Once police came. Tried my best to Co operate… Guess it might of been that time of month for my boy in blue. I’ll keep u guys updated”

A police statement describes Moh as weaving through traffic and pedestrians. He also sped past a park and blew past a couple stop signs while evading police in pursuit.

The initial ‘tactical’ takedown clip was remixed for entertainment purposes:

The original footage:

YouTuber Motorcycles Vancouver describes takedown as an attack in a commentary-reaction video and deliberates if just force was used or if it was a case of police brutality.

He describes the takedown as including “the tackle, knees, arm vice, arm locks and many more techniques all used on what looks to be a cooperative subject”.



By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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