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Richmond Supermarket To Introduce Payment Via Facial Recognition

Richmond Facial Recognition

Photo: Bernard Hermant

A Richmond supermarket may introduce facial recognition into its shops as a way for customers to pay for their groceries.

The owner of the grocery store chain, Foody World, is considering the new system for its six locations. There are currently four in Toronto and two in Richmond.

So, that means customers will store an image of their face, which will link to their shop account.

The company behind Foody World is planning on buying the technology from a Toronto-based company, called SnapPay.

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SnapPay also supplies other types of alternative payment gear to Canadian retailers, like AliPay and WeChat Pay.

“Facial recognition technology is an increasingly popular method of payment among global consumers,” said Spencer Xu, CEO and founder of SnapPay, in a press release.

He added that the rationale behind it is to speed up time during the checkout process.

The system will come into place at Foody World as early as next year, said Xu.

Foody Mart isn’t the only one to use alternative payment methods. Some Drive-thrus are considering license plate recognition to pay. While your Compass card may soon work for bike and car rentals.

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