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Foodie Fun: Battle Of The Ramen

Summer is officially over and this usually means one thing – time to go back to school. While this may be exciting to most of us, it also comes hand in hand with being miserably poor. As a full-time student myself, I can understand the feeling. I’m struggling trying to get used to the idea of cutting back on my weekly manicure and making it (gasp) monthly.

But don’t lose hope yet! We can thank the food heavens for sending us students a way to have a tasty, fast, somewhat filling (unfortunately not nutritious) meal – ramen noodles. These Japanese style noodles are incredibly cheap (all priced under $1.50) and can be cooked and ready to go in 3 minutes. I have decided to have a “Battle of the Ramen” showdown to choose which brand was the tastiest.

Winner – Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavor

This brand offered just the right amount of flavor without being too salty. I found it to be the closest tasting broth to a ramen you would order in a restaurant. The noodles still had a nice ‘bite’ to them which I really liked as I find some ramen noodles to become too limp very quickly. The broth had a savory taste to it and wasn’t overpowered with any fake ‘meat’ flavorings.

Although this brand was the most expensive ($1.29), it still was a close game. ‘Mr. Noodles’ ($0.44) and the ‘Safeway’ brand noodles ($0.34) were close seconds. For the price you pay, both of these brands offered a tasty and filling meal. However, I would suggest choosing the beef flavoring, as the chicken flavoring was a little bland. ‘Mr. Noodle’ pre-packaged noodle bowl ($0.99) receives an honorable mention for its convenience – no pots required!

Written by: Melanie Booth

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