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3 Things You’ll Probably Hate About Your Future Flights

The pandemic has affected nearly every industry in one way or another. But the travel industry is easily one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 restrictions.

As those restrictions start to ease in the coming months, expect to see some big changes to the way we travel for quite some time.

Flying under normal circumstances is typically a headache for most people but there are now some added frustrations that will soon become the new reality of traveling in the time of COVID-19.

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Higher Pricing

You might think it would be the opposite but air fare is expected to sky rocket in the near future.

Airlines may put out some deals to entice people to start traveling again but it likely won’t last. Fewer seats are expected to be available on flights to encourage social distancing and that will come at a cost.


Longer Lines

Air Passenger Protection Regulations

A more robust screening process equates to longer lines at the airport. While it’s incredibly necessary, this will make traveling a bit more tedious.

Temperature checks will soon become mandatory for both international passengers and those flying within Canada.

No Booze

Several airlines are limiting contact on flights and that means less snacks (and no booze in most cases). WestJet isn’t serving food or drinks on flights under 90 minutes. For longer flights, passengers can expect just a snack and a bottled water, to help speed up cart service. Air Canada is also offering pre-packaged foods and bar service is limited to water only.

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