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You Can Fly Round-Trip Vancouver To Puerto Vallarta For $368 CAD (Tax Incl)

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Photo: Jeff Turner / Flickr

Are you shocked by the sudden onslaught of cold weather that has overtaken the lower mainland? Would you rather be enjoying your second margarita while relaxing on a sparkling white sand beach, gazing across the endless expanse of the ocean under a clear blue sky?


We have your answer! While most tickets to Mexico have shot up well over $550 CAD or have long, overnight flights, we found a trick to save you time and money. By purchasing two separate tickets, you’ll score a superb deal to Puerto Vallarta, which allows you the opportunity to escape to paradise for under $400 CAD.


For just $367.55 CAD with all tax included you can fly round-trip Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta. The first flight has just one stop on the way down is in Los Angeles, and is only an hour long. The ticket is with American Airlines, and it costs $213.11 CAD with tax included. Purchase it here.

Puerto Vallarta
Photo: American Airlines

You’ll make two stops on the return in Winnipeg and Edmonton, but the layovers are very short. The ticket is with WestJet Airlines and it costs $123.73 USD, which is approximately $154.44 CAD. Purchase the ticket here.

Puerto Vallarta
Photo: WestJet Airlines


The dates are from Saturday, November 13th to Wednesday, December 14th, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in this tropical oasis.

Puerto Vallarta
Photo: Google

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta

Once you are settled in there are a plethora of things to do. You can go zip-lining, snorkling, whale watching, shopping, horseback riding, hiking, cruising, and so much more. There are beautiful cities nearby to visit for day trips and in addition to fascinating ancient ruins.


Travel tip: Please keep in mind that Mexico is generally safe in the tourist areas, however, some useful tips will ensure that your stay runs smoothly. First, if you are withdrawing money, it is always a wise idea to do so during daylight hours and preferably inside of a banking institution. Also, it is wise not to discuss your travel plans within an earshot of strangers or when you plan to take out money or things of that nature. If you plan on hailing a cab, ask the hotel to arrange one from you rather than doing so. It is wiser to let them handle that then risk getting into a vehicle with a potentially dangerous individual.

If you are looking for some other places to travel to on a budget, check out our list of places to travel if you’re broke from living in Vancouver.

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