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Fare Evaders Using Expired Compass Tickets Hack To Open Gates

Has The Compass Card Lost Direction?

Has The Compass Card Lost Direction?

Translink has reported that some fare evaders have been getting through the gates by using a smartphone app that makes their expired Compass tickets valid again.

Officials say it is not a frequent occurrence, with about 25 incidents since December. They are monitoring the issue closely now that all gates have been closed as of April 8th.

If fare evaders are caught by Transit Police, they could receive a $173 fine or even face criminal charges for fraud.

The ticket tampering relates to paper tickets being manipulated by a smartphone app —there hasn’t been any fraud issues with the Compass card itself.

Translink is able to detect a paper ticket that has been altered by a smartphone and it may cancel their entry for the next time they try to use it.

Officers are also equipped with mobile scanners in fare paid zones to eliminate fare gate evasion.

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