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Widow Sues Richmond Trampoline Park For Husband’s Tragic Death

Extreme Air Park

Photo: Jay Greenwood / Facebook

On Wednesday, January 24th, news broke that a father of three had tragically lost his life at Richmond’s Extreme Air Park.

Now, the man’s widow, Tanya Hayes, is suing the park. She is suing for loss of love, guidance and companionship as well as loss of financial support. In addition, she is filing the lawsuit on behalf of her three children.

Her husband, Jason Greenwood, jumped from a raised trampoline, and consequently broke his neck upon landing in the foam pit.

“Hayes claims the company failed to supervise and adequately protect Greenwood, failed to provide proper instruction and failed to provide adequate spotting around the foam pit,” reports CBC News.

“The lawsuit also claims the company failed to ensure there was enough foam in the foam pit, failed to ensure the net at the bottom of the foam pit could support the weight of gymnasts and failed to inspect the foam pit.”

Extreme Air Park

Multiple trampoline parks have incurred severe injurious throughout North America; however, numerous people noted that the facility seemed extremely unprepared to handle the emergency. For one, the response was extremely lackadaisical. In addition, the employees did not seem mature enough to handle the incident.

With that being said, Canada currently doesn’t regulate trampoline parks. While it does have the tendency to follow American Standards, it has no regulating body of its own. As a result, the legal proceedings could be complicated.


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