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Explode Your Headphones – V.2 – Free Mixtape

Every Monday for the last twelve weeks all the members of A-SLAM were hard at work bringing music junkies a new remix every week. What started out as a six week plan was pushed to 7 weeks and then all the way to twelve weeks because of an overwhelming fan response. With constant messages from new and existing fans on Facebook about what was coming out next week, the team knew they had to keep the music coming.

Explode Your Headphones Volume 2 features seven remixes, 3 original tracks and 3 non-stop mega-mixes. In addition to A-SLAM, comprised of “E.V.”, Reminisce, Shivangi, ExxQuiZiT and Mr Singh, the mixtape features many top 40 artists as well as new and established faces in the North American Hip-Hop and Desi Urban Scene.

As pioneers in this genre, and because they themselves are DJ’s, A-SLAM is also releasing a DJ pack with DJ friendly versions of songs that do not already have their own musical intros. A common practice in Western Top 40 and Hip-Hop music, A-SLAM is bringing this standard into Desi Urban music as well. Fans, DJ’s and music lovers download Explode Your Headphones Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the download section of A-slam’s Website

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