Wizard Beer Festival 2020

Wizard Beer Fest

Have your wands at ready, because this magical beer festival is coming to Vancouver and it’s calling all witches and wizards to try out its many potions.

The Wizard Beer Festival combines the public’s love of beer and witchcraft, as patrons are encouraged to come in costume as they test out a slew of crafted drinks.

Each ticket comes with a welcome drink and five tokens, giving access to beer and activity stations.

There will be tarot card readers on site, a wand-making station, DJ’s and dry ice to set the mood.

The event does not take place until February 2020, but tickets go on sale next week.

With only 300 spots available, they are sure to disappear faster than you can say, Evanesco!

You can register online now.

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Wizard Beer Festival 2020

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