Vancouver Waterfight 2019

There’s no better way to cool off in the summer than with a giant water fight! The Vancouver Waterfight event is coming back to Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park on Saturday, August 10th, 2019.

Hosted by Flash Mob Vancouver, it’s the largest water fight in the city and it’s totally free! The popular event sees hundreds of people taking part each year.

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Equally important, there’s a few things to keep in mind before attending the event:

  • This is a water fight: don’t bring any other weapons apart from water pistols. Water bottles, buckets, and modest sized containers also work in a pinch. Homemade soakers strongly encouraged.
  • Water balloons are messy: if you bring them, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO STAY AFTERWARD TO DO A THOROUGH CLEANUP because littering is not cool.
  • We are not going to be your parents, nor are we going to be the police, so if you see someone doing something stupid tell them to stop. If you’re doing something stupid – don’t. You’re going to ruin it and this has the potential to be a massive laugh.
  • Dress for the occasion; you’re going to get wet! Shorts, bikinis, flippers, floaty arm bands…? Costumes are encouraged. Bring a baggie if you’ve got a cellphone or wallet to protect.
  • DO NOT terrorize the public. If they want to get involved, they will, but passersby and spectators must be left out of the action.
  • If you bring a camera, it better be waterproof or you should stay on the sidelines. We’re not responsible if you get it broken. But please do post your photos after the fact.
  • This is a LAUGH. Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t beat each other up over it (close up shooting and all that).
  • Leave no mess behind! We come and then go. The location looks as clean or better than before we arrived. If you brought water balloons, you are expected to stay afterwards to guarantee this .
  • If there’s a summer drought, be modest in how much water you use.
  • If anyone asks who organized this: we all just happened to be in the same place at the same time. Weird, huh?
  • No dyed water. It stain cloths and the site. Again, not cool..
  • Have fun. Be responsible.

The event will move forward, rain or shine.

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Vancouver Waterfight 2019

Location: Lumberman's Arch - 3301 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver

Admission: Free

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Date: Saturday August 10th, 2019

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