Vancouver International Wine Festival Kicks Off In Vancouver

Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015 Kicks Off In Vancouver

Some days are long, tough, and horrible, so what do you do in such a case? I like to go home, make a big meal, turn on the television and pour myself a nice glass of wine. What is it I know about wine though? Nothing at all, so it is time for us to learn!

The 36th annual International Wine Festival has returned to Vancouver and will run from February 24th to March 2nd at the Convention Centre, and from what I head through the grape vine (see what I did there) is that there is a selection of 1,750 wines to taste or purchase.

The theme country for this year’s International Wine Festival is France.  There will be a large variety of French wines and a total of 52 French wineries represented. The global focus of the event will be Champagne.

So come out and learn about the 178 different wineries that have made these wines and the 14 different countries they came from. This is fun, educational and WINE, need I say more?

If you still need convincing there is a variety of food to eat as well!

To buy tickets, head over to or go to 305-456 West Broadway Street (at Cambie) Vancouver BC V5Y 1R3 to buy them in person. Maybe you will see me! Have a good drink!

604 Now reminds you to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Also texting is a bad idea when drinking..


Written by: Christopher Orellana
Photo credit: Mary McNeil

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