Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival Returns January 2017

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For those with a sweet tooth—keep calm and drink up at the 2017 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival.

The annual hot chocolate festival is always a big hit among Vancouverites and this year is no exception.

Set to return January 19th, the highly-anticipated event will bring the best of the best hot chocolate to your mug until February 14th. There’s no better way to top off the sweetest festival than having the last day be on Valentine’s Day.

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Multiple restaurants across the city will be whipping up their own unique (and some crazy) signature hot chocolate creations for you to taste.

The full lineup of participating venues include:

There will be plenty of traditional flavours to try but drink outside of the box with some of these wild combinations:

  •  “The Red Truck,” served at Bella Gelateria is a stout beer/hot chocolate collaboration with Red Truck Brewery using their popular “Dry Nibbed Stout” with its notes of coffee and chocolate.
  •  “All That and A Bag of Chips,” served at Glenburn is a salted toffee hot Callebaut milk chocolate, garnished with chocolate potato chip toffee and served with a mini bag of potato chips
  • Talking Dirty with Sun God,” served at Koko Monk is a black olive hot chocolate with lime and chili.
  • TRUMP,” served at Mink Chocolates is a “Make Hot Chocolate Great Again,” beverage will classic or dark hot chocolate over a Bully Boy Distillers Boston Rum truffle and served with a piece of beef jerky.
  • Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate,” served at Eternal Abundance is a vegan hot chocolate with super foods including chaga mushroom, macs, coconut butter, cacao paste and then sweetened with maple syrup and dates.

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2017

When: January 19th to February 14th

Where: Various locations across Vancouver

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