Elon Musk, Shah Rukh Khan, Among Speakers At Vancouver’s TED2017


TED2017 is returning to the Vancouver Convention Centre from April 24th to the 28th.

It boasts an impressive line-up of speakers which include tennis superstar Serena Williams, Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, and much more.

The theme is all about grasping what our shared future may look like, from how we’ll work, to how we’ll connect, interact and thrive in a world full of change.


Photo: Serena Williams/Facebook

TED2017 Full Line-up

  • Serena Williams, Athlete
  • Shah Rukh Khan, Actor, producer, activist
  • Elon Musk, Serial entrepreneur
  • Gayle King, Journalist, to
  • Manoush Zomorodi, Tech podcaster
  • Helen Zaltzman, Podcaster
  • Huang Yi, Choreographer, dancer, inventor
  • Guy Winch, Psychologist, author
  • David Whyte, Poet, author
  • Jun Wang, Genomics researcher
  • David Titley, Meterologist
  • Julia Sweeney, Actor, comedian, playwright
  • Mariano Sigman, Neuroscientist
  • Anil Seth, Cognitive scientist
  • Laolu Senbanjo, Artist, musician, lawyer, activist
  • Jeffrey Schnapp, Cultural historian
  • Toma s Saraceno, Artist
  • Robert Sapolsky, Neuroscientist, primatologist, writer
  • Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Religious leader
  • Stuart Russell, AI expert
  • Anna Rosling Ronnlund, Co-found of Gapminder
  • Daan Roosegaarde, Artist
  • Anthony D. Romero, Attorney, public-interest activist
  • Joseph Redmon, Computer scientist
  • Jorge Ramos, Journalist, news anchor
  • Marc Raibert, Roboticist
  • Kristin Poinar, Glaciologist
  • Susan Pinker, Psychologist, columnist, author
  • Helen Pearson, Science journalist, editor, author
  • Annika Paulson, Student, musician
  • Raj Panjabi, Physician
  • Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar, Neuroscientist
  • OK Go, Band
  • Cathy O’Neil, Math blogger, author
  • Chuck Nice, Comedian
  • Radhika Nagpal, Robotics engineer
  • Luma Mufleh, Refugee activist
  • David Miliband, Refugee advocate
  • Kate Marvel, Climate scientist
  • Anne Madden, Microbial researcher
  • Michael Patrick Lynch, Philosopher
  • Anne Lamott, Novelist, essayist
  • Tim Kruger, Geoengineering researcher
  • Karolina Korppoo, Game designer
  • Tamas Kocsis, Web builder
  • Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank Group
  • Grace Kim, Architect
  • Titus Kaphar, Artist
  • Anab Jain, Futurist, designer
  • Danny Hillis, Computer theorist
  • Robin Hanson, Economist, social scientist
  • Ted Halstead, Policy entrepreneur, climate expert, author
  • Gabriela Gonzalez, Astrophysicist
  • Lisa Genova, Neuroscientist, novelist
  • Atul Gawande, Surgeon, journalist
  • Laura Galante, Cyberspace analyst
  • Katharine Freese, Astrophysicist
  • Found Sound Nation, Musical collective
  • Tim Ferriss, Human guinea pig, author
  • Noah Feldman, Constitutional law scholar
  • Emily Esfahani Smith, Author
  • Jorge Drexler, Musician, poet
  • T. Morgan Dixon, Health Activist
  • Sara DeWitt, Children’s media expert
  • Ray Dalio, Hedge fund chair
  • Jack Conte, Musician, entrepreneur
  • Jacob Collier, Musician, artist
  • Lil Buck, Dancer, choreographer
  • David Brenner, Radiation scientist
  • Rutger Bregman, Historian
  • Elizabeth Blackburn, Molecular biologist
  • Levon Biss, Photographer
  • Ingrid Betancourt, Writer, peace advocate
  • Dan Ariely, Behavioral economist
  • Noriko Arai, AI expert
  • Ashton Applewhite, Author, activist

For the full schedule, visit the website.

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