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Join us for 1 year anniversary of Swad Indian Kitchen, celebrating on December 17th. We are using this opportunity to thank our community, friends & employees for their endless support at Swad Indian Kitchen.

To celebrate the good times, we are hosting a charity event. We will be sponsoring 100 people in Downtown East-side on Dec 17th. We will provide hot meal + bottle of water. We are partnering with India Bistro (Vancouver) to sponsor a set number of people.

We will end our day with celebrating our 1 year anniversary in West Vancouver.

Mark your calendars and join us for an epic night of fun & party! There will be snacks for everyone, and drinks will be on promo that night.

Why the charity? It is the holiday season and we feel generous and want to remember the less fortunate ones that deserve good meal for the Xmas holiday. And we thought it is a great way to celebrate our 1 year milestone with a charity.

Feeding 100 homeless men and women
Meal: Ho meal (Indian cuisine) + water bottle
When: December 17 between 11 to 2 pm

Swad Indian Kitchen Anniversary
What: One year Swad Anniversary
When: December 17 at 4 pm
Where: 1734 Marine Drive West Vancouver


Free snacks on the house & drinks will be on promo (20 to 30% off)

Please help spread the word by using these hashtags #swadvancouver #swadanniverary and #giftofgiving2016 to share our message with friends. We will give a tribute and a shout-out via Instagram to all our supporters every Tuesday. Thanks for the love ?

About: Swad Indian kitchen
Inspired by the rich flavors of India, Swad Indian Kitchen specializes in serving traditional Indian cuisine as well as Indian fusion in West Vancouver.
Kamal Mroke is a veteran restaurateur in Vancouver. He has owned and operated several restaurants in Vancouver for the past 35 years. His latest venture, named Swad Indian Kitchen, aims to bring the diversity of Indian cuisine to West Vancouver. He also has his own charity helping Eye camps in India and does fundraising for the project.

Location: 1734 Marine Drive - West Vancouver

Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Date: Saturday December 17th, 2016

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