Salsa Latin Dance Class

Salsa Latin Dance Class

Explore the Caribbean dance known as salsa, with your instructor Roger. As a guest, you will learn include the Salsa Basic, New Yorker, New Yorker Right turn, Double hand turn, Cross body, Outside turn and combination patterns.

Most importantly you will learn musicality with leading & following.

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You don’t need to come with a partner – you will take turns rotating among the other guests so you get to dance with everyone!

The $30 price includes a one-night class and after-party. If you really love it, you can register for a 6-week course at the Salsa Studio to keep learning more techniques!

The best part: all Salsa lessons have after-parties so you can stay and have a good time dancing and practicing with everyone (And it’s all included in the price!)

Please reserve your class in advance at the link provided.

Salsa Latin Dance Class Vancouver 2019

Location: Salsa Studio on Granville Street - 927 Granville Street, Vancouver

Admission: $30 per person

Time: 7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Dates: On Mons from July 29th 2019 to September 2nd 2019

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