Preview: TEDxStanleyPark 2016


Last year’s speakers, such as Brad Gorski, Matt Young, and Rumana Monzur captivated, and inspired audience to put their ideas into action.

There were seven standing ovations last year,  that speaks volumes about the level of connection the audience felt with those speakers.

This year, TEDxStanleyPark has a goal in mind of having every single speaker receive one.

Speaking to Hussein Hallak, who is the Director of Marketing at TEDxStanleyPark, he said he had never heard of seven standing ovations at any other TEDx event.

Will they make history once again this year?

For now, here is a preview of this years speakers, and their speeches.

Julus Lu-kea

Julus Ku-Lea

Worldwide, 27 million people today are trapped in slavery. Slavery lurks inside our refrigerators and pantries. Almost every product we consume has a hidden dark history. Jules was mortified when she learnt that some of her favourite foods were built on the backs of slaves. Now she’s crusading to reduce slave labour.

By reading that have you started questioning yourself?

Her talk titled “Is there a slave in your food” wants listeners to see the cruelty, and suffering that slaves all over the world endure.

Think slavery exists only in Africa, and  in Asia? Think again.

Julus points out that slavery happens right here in North America, where she uses the example of workers who work in nail salons, and get paid very little, if any.

Jules is a mental health worker and clinical counsellor who has spent countless hours researching and analyzing the modern day horror of forced human labour.

To learn more about her amazing work, visit:



Bosco Anthony

Do you know your purpose in life? Regret what you have done so far? Feel empty?

You are not alone; people everywhere have this feeling, and when they finally realize what they need to do, it is too late, the opportunity has passed.

Inspired by thought leaders, this talk is designed to navigate people to personally transform from becoming life spectators to designing change catalysts to society. Many people spend a lifetime trying to discover their personal desire and yet few actually live a life pursuing that purpose. The intention of this talk is to fascinate and motivate an audience to act on their personal purpose in life and empower transformation.

Bosco Anthony is a digital strategist and storyteller. His background in the corporate sector provides wisdom on thought leadership, business growth and critical thinking ideology. Bosco spends much time on research, trends and is an idea rebel at heart. Bosco is recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneur spirit and passion for strategy.

A well-known figure in the Vancouver community, he offers great insight for anyone who is trying to find their true purpose, and passion.

To learn more about him, and some of his work, visit:


connor beaton

Connor Beaton

What is your definition of masculinity?

The dictionary definition is:

“a set of attributes, behaviors and roles generally associated with boys and men. It is a combination of socially-defined and biological factors, distinct from the definition of the male biological sex.”

Is it easy being a man? No it’s not. They often feel oppressed, and in general it is physically and emotionally hard.

His talk being titled “behind the man mask,” Connor illustrates the detrimental impact the “man mask” has caused in the lives of many men and how this perception has generated a world of stereotypes that halt the forward progress of equality. Stereotypes fuelled by the man mask have produced a culture in which many men experience internal conflict and internal challenges, which contribute to isolation, depression, suicide and aggressive demonstrations of dominance towards women and other men.

Born and raised in Alberta working in the gravel pits, to traveling the world to sing Opera, Connor is now the Founder of ManTalks, an organization which exists to support mens health and wellness by giving them the tools to be better fathers, husbands and leaders in their communities.

For more information about Connor, and his organization, visit:


Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath

By Maureen’s definition a “sexless marriage” is when you have sex less than ten times a year.

Her talk titled The Sexless Marriage, goes into depth about the issue of sexless marriages and how it is becoming an epidemic.

Love, marriage and sex all at the same time?  Unrealistic perhaps given that over 50% end in divorce and of the remaining marriages, 20% are sexless.  Is it the social construct of marriage that makes sex an expectation that couples cannot meet? So how have we lost the lust and what are the ways to get it back in marriage?

Being a registered nurse, researcher, blogger, and speaker, Maureen hopes to teach audiences about sexual health, while dispelling common myths, and taboos associated in many marriages.

To learn more about Maureen you can listen to her on the radio as she is the host of the CKNW SUNDAY NIGHT SEX SHOW, a lively educational radio show, or visit her website at:


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Dan Lok

Asked how do you deal with discouragement, Dan replied:

“You need to ask yourself how did you fail? You need to make time to do work, I never went to drink, party, or hang out with girls, I always worked.”

Dan Lok is a true immigrant success story, having came from Hong Kong at the age of 14 with no money, or English skills.

His early career was marked by adversity and struggle. Dan got his first job when he was 16. He was a grocery bagger at a local supermarket, making minimum wage and barely making ends meet.

At his very worst point, he was $150,000 in debt. Today he is a multimillionaire on the rise.

Through hard work, relentless determination, guidance from his mentors, today Dan is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, an international best-selling author, and a highly sought after business mentor, who spends the bulk of his time personally managing his companies and investment portfolio.

His talk titled “Why don’t great ideas succeed” explains why so many great ideas ultimately fail, and will teach you one simple trick to help you out.

For more on Dan Lok you can visit his website at:


Galya Westler

Galya Westler

You look all around you today and everyone has their eyes glued to their smart devices. Is it healthy?

Galya’s talk titled “Social media obesity is the new addiction” goes on to explain a worldwide epidemic of loneliness and emotional injury has been caused by the excessive use of technology.

It is estimated that over 40% of us will feel the aching pangs of loneliness and detachment at some point in our lives.

She is the Founder of 2Galvanize Ltd., a mobile social app builder, and the President of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club, and her hopes is to launch a movement for global social recovery.

To learn more visit:


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Gary Patterson

Gary is a “God-wrestler,” a United Church minister who has worked in Vancouver for over three decades, from the Downtown Eastside to the cathedral-like St. Andrew’s-Wesley.  For the last three years he has been the Moderator of the United Church – the first openly gay person in the world to lead a major Christian denomination.

His talk titled “Be different and proud of it” talks about diversity being the basis of the universe, but how we as humans are not always comfortable with this reality.

Prejudice abounds, and we try to enforce a uniformity of belief and behaviour.

Unfortunately, religion is too often used to justify and support intolerance, instead of expanding our vision; in recent years the changing attitudes toward LGBT illustrate religion at its worst, and its best.

For more on Gary Paterson’s work you can reach him at: [email protected]


Dr. Gurdeep Parhar

Gurdeep Parhar

One of the biggest issues we face today in the world is racism.

One of the best examples of it in our world is the Syrian refugee crisis, and numerous groups publicly painting them as terrorists.

Is this true?

Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Executive Associate Dean – Clinical Partnerships and Professionalism for Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, is an internationally renowned expert on equity, diversity and professionalism.

Fact or fiction. We all see differences.

This is fact. Our brains make out patterns, and as a result of this we make assumptions.

His talk titled “fixing racism’ is about how our subconscious bias about groups often leads to racial stereotyping which produces results that range from misunderstandings at best to genocides at worst. By acknowledging our subconscious bias we can take the first step in fixing racism.

You can get in touch with Dr. Parhar by emailing him at: [email protected]



Iman Aghay

Have you ever almost died? Let alone twice?

9 out of 10 people on their deathbed regret their lives. This number is much lower among the people who survived their deathbed. As a person who has survived his deathbed not once but twice, Iman sees every single day of his life as a gift. In this talk he will share with you the stories how being on deathbed changes your view of this world.

His talk titled deathbed lessons give audiences a look at his experience with near death on two seperate occasions.

Iman is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and a mentor to entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

You can find out more about Iman at:


isabelle mercier

Isabelle Mercier

95% of North Americans go to sleep and wake up worried.

“I’m thinking” has been replaced with “I’m worried”

Worrying is the #1 bulb dimmer and performance killer of all time.

Brand Strategist, Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte has discovered that we tolerate what we worry about and reveals her simple but powerful model to decrease worry and increase peace of mind.

Isabelle Mercier is a ‘no-nonsense’ gal, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs to build infectious and impactful brands, businesses and lives. As one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers; best-selling author and TV show host, Isabelle’s sole purpose is to empower ONE Million Entrepreneurs to rock their businesses and lives into shape by creating a worldwide “My Life, My Biz, My Way” Movement.

Her speech titled “The gift of a zero tolerance life” offers great insight into living a life worry free where you can best maximize your potential, both for your business, and personal life.

To learn more visit


Jessica Pautsch

Jessica Pautsch

Jessica is a social venture strategist for leaders in business innovation.  As co-founder and managing partner of Social Impact Tech Accelerator (SITA), her work empowers entrepreneurs use business as a tool for social change. As a serial entrepreneur, Jessica has co-founded and directed over a dozen social enterprises committed to the new collaborative economy.  Her work seeks to build healthy and resilient communities through building social capital and thriving local economies.

Her talk titled Crowd Inc explains the rise of mobile technology, social media, and how P2P software has enabled us to communicate and organize in ways that are fueling the formation of the new collaborative economy.

‘Access over ownership’ is becoming the new consumption model and it’s becoming a pervasive force in every industry imaginable. This talk looks at 5 key ways the Sharing Economy is shifting how we organize, consume, govern and conduct business.

For more on her work, visit:


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Karn Manhas

Karn Manhas is a businessman and entrepreneur who founded Terramera, a Vancouver-based biotechnology company that develops revolutionary plant-based pest control products that are more effective and safer than conventional chemical pesticides.

His talk titled “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is all about how organic material may actually be more effective than chemical pesticides. Surprised?

Have you yourself had a personal experience with bed bugs? Maybe you want to hear more?

To learn more about Karn and his work you can email him at; [email protected]


kieron sweeney

Kieron Sweeney

Most people could be financially secure if they were given the proper ‘how-to’ education as a child. This talk challenges the school system to revise its curriculum and teach children a financial foundation to guarantee their financial security.

Many people are just not equipped with the right financial skills, and it hampers them later in life when they really need money.

Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, wealth mindset and business coach, digital entrepreneur and author.  He has trained entrepreneurs all over the world. His innovative wealth strategies have helped many individuals become financially secure.

To learn more about his program, contact Kieron at: [email protected]


Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips is a former professional ice hockey player and drug smuggler. After serving time in prison in the United States he started a new life promoting health and happiness around the world.

In 2011, he spawned a movement called Return to Happiness where he shares his views on overcoming adversity and making the world a better place. His humanitarian efforts have expanded across the globe and created new thought paradigms.

His talk titled “Children for sale” explores the world of child sex slavery.

Child sex slavery affects some two million children worldwide. The trafficking of children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Ryan was exposed to this global phenomena during a humanitarian bike ride across Cambodia. Seeing firsthand what this deadly epidemic can do to innocent victims, Ryan has dedicated himself to standing up for this cause.

To learn more about Ryan’s work, visit:


Sita Sahasrabudhe

Sita Sahasrabudhe

Her talk titled “are you really ill” empowers you to be a person who can make a difference in the lives of people with chronic illnesses. She also talks about how this empowerment can make a change in how people who are chronically ill view themselves, and how they view themselves as part of society.

Sita Sahasrabudhe was born in Canada, and attended university at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, where she obtained her Social Work degree. She is now a Registered Social Worker.

In addition to her volunteer disability advocacy work, Sita hopes to go back to school for Addictions counseling. She attributes much of her success so far to her determination and inner self-motivation.

To learn more about her work, visit:



For full information on the event, visit:

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