Pokemon Go Frenzy Hits Vancouver; Users Getting Banned

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While there was a lot of notable events over the weekend, including Vancouver’s largest free music and arts festival, and a significant Black Lives Matter rally in downtown, nothing was buzzing more than Pokemon Go, a new virtual reality smartphone game launched by Nintendo.

In short, the app allows Pokemon gamers to virtually leave their home and find Pokemon around town and at popular landmarks (Stanley Park is a hot spot for a variety of Pokemon)

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Despite the game only being released in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia, Canadians have managed to find loopholes in smartphones and illegally begin their journey to “catch ‘em all”.

How? For iPhone users in Canada, you have to go to “Settings” > “General” > “Language” and change region from Canada to United States. You then have to create a new iTunes account for the American iOS store and click “none” under billing.

iPhone users should be aware however as this means you will not be permitted to make any in-app purchases nor see your Purchased Apps section.

Android users are reportedly downloading an APK (Android Application Package) and downloading an alternate version of the game. Experts warn this can be dangerous as APK files can be infected with malware.

In addition to the risks above, users who apply the hacks are also facing a ban.

According to MorningLedger, users getting caught for cheating the system have been banned by Niantic. Thus far, the ban seems temporary and isn’t confirmed to blacklist you forever, but it’s highly recommended to be safe rather than sorry.

Nintendo is yet to release an official date for the launch of Pokemon Go in Canada, truly testing the patience of Pokemon masters north of the border.


Featured photo: @aMusicVideoaDay / Twitter

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