New West Has A New Speakeasy and It’s A Hidden Wonder Full Of Magic + Illusions

hidden wonders new west speakeasy show

There are not many things more enchanting than a magic-show full of wonders and delight. Add in some good company and cocktails, and you got yourself a great time.

To make the experience more magical, New West is hosting a limited time speakeasy-style performance at a hidden venue. Tucked away behind a fake business, only confirmed guests are given the secret location. If you do find it, expect to be entertained with magic, illusions and be left awestruck.

Hidden Wonders is an experience that is getting rave reviews and it’s worth all the hype.

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Hidden Wonders is a 75-minute performance by Canadian magician Shawn Farquhar. Champion of Magic, who is originally from Maple Ridge, B.C.

He has appeared on TV shows including Ellen, Masters of Illusion, and Fool Us, where he became the first magician to fool Penn & Teller twice on their hit show. He is also on Hulu and Netflix.

The show is created to provide an intimate and exclusive up close and personal magic experience. It is one that is different than most other shows. He even gets the audience involved with an infamous Rubik cubes act.

In fact, Hidden Wonders is known to sell out quickly. However, the act will be here until New Years Day, so you have a window of opportunity check it out.

If you want to have part of this exclusive experience. You may want to buy your tickets online before they vanish.


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Hidden Wonders Speakeasy Magic Experience

Location: Secret Location - New Westminster

Admission: $50.00 - 65.00

Date: Friday October 22nd, 2021 - Friday January 1st, 2021

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