This Local Horror Maze Is Located Inside Canada’s ‘Most Haunted Theatre’

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Get an extreme scare this month.

The Xtreme Fear Maze Haunted House has been open and is scaring thrill-seekers all the way up to Halloween.

In addition to rooms of terror, monsters and chilling haunted houses… the maze actually takes place is a real haunted theatre.


Like no regular haunted house, the Xtreme Fear Maze Haunted House is a maze, containing 12 rooms of terror and with 25 monsters.

It takes place inside The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre which is one of Canada’s most haunted theatres. The theatre was once the scene for a gruesome murder in 1993.

The murder of William Ronald Rudy by his business partner David Allan Lowe has left the theatre haunted. Its said to have had paranormal activity, including a little girl playing in the hallways, a dark shadow of a man in a trench coat, the spirit of a former server, as well as the spirit of William himself. All of these strange things is enough to get a chill.

Couple the haunted location with an Xtreme horror-filled maze, and you have yourself an exciting Halloween event. If you want to up the scare factor, they also a complete black out version of the maze, where your group only have a glow stick to light the way.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly event, kids are welcome to their ‘Boogeyman Bash’ that features the maze with the lights on.

On until October 31st, tickets go up depending on the date, starting at $30.


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Vancouver Horror Nights Fear Maze

Location: 2616 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam

Admission: $30 and up (depending on the date)

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