Ghost Dance Performance 2020


The performance Ghost is an exhilarating breath of fresh air – and it’s coming to Vancouver.

Six of Montréal’s best street dancers immerse themselves in the mysterious mechanics of breathing, and interpret its life-giving rhythm.

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They combine elements of contemporary dance, hip hop and martial arts in a physical score.

It echoes the subtle pulse of respiration, Tentacle Tribe approaches the body as a musical instrument with infinite possibilities.

Inhalations and exhalations sculpt the group’s gestures, movement, and rhythm as interconnected bodies form striking human structures that shift, alter, and evolve in synergy with the music.

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Ghost Dance Performance 2020

Location: Historic Theatre - 1895 Venables Street Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6

Admission: Tickets from $26

Time: 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Date: Wednesday February 12th, 2020 - Saturday February 15th, 2020

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