Gallery Opening Reception Port Moody Arts Centre 2019

Port Moody Arts Centre 

The Port Moody Arts Centre presents three new gallery exhibitions: Patterns, Inhabit, and Figurative Body, Literal Mind.

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Patterns – Garibaldi Art Club

For sixty years this Maple Ridge based group of painters has held an annual juried exhibition highlighting their members best work. For 2019 artists were challenged to create new works based on the theme of Patterns.
Gallery: Canadian Pacific Gallery

Inhabit – Emile Nunez Kwi Am Choi Scholarship Recipient

Nunez creates an interactive portal into her vibrant and illustrative painted spaces that reflect similarities between people and the land they inhabit.
Gallery: Suncor Gallery

Figurative Body, Literal Mind – Amiee Risby Kwi Am Choi Scholarship Recipient

With a goal of creating awareness, Risby’s clay sculptures explore issues surrounding body image, identity and mental health.
Gallery: Ann Kitching Gallery

Gallery Opening Reception Port Moody Arts Centre

Location: Port Moody Arts Centre - 2425 St Johns Street

Admission: Free

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Date: Thursday July 18th, 2019

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