Cuisine Confessions


In this gigantic kitchen, nine acrobats unite to create the most delightful meal! Ingredients are thrown this way and that, dish rags becomes aerial ribbons, bodies fold and unfold in a haze of flour, and the utensils waltz from one hand to the next. Among breathtaking acrobatics, family recipes are shared, as are childhood memories and other intimate moments.

The creators behind Séquence 8 return to Vancouver with a delicious medley of theatre, dance and circus. They combine touch, smell and taste with a feast for the eyes and ears, using the kitchen as a cultural, and celebratory, focal point.

Location: Vancouver Playhouse - 600 Hamilton St

Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Dates: On WedsThusFrisSats and Suns from January 25th 2017 to January 29th 2017

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