Metro Vancouver To Host First Ever Chopstick Fest


Grab your chopsticks and sink your teeth into some delicious Chinese cuisine.

Starting October 15th and going on until the 30th, over 30 restaurants will be participating in the first ever Chopstick Fest.

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The eateries span Chinatown from its traditional roots in Vancouver’s downtown eastside to Richmond and Burnaby.

The restaurants will offer guests a specialized Chopstick Fest menu. The prix-fixe menus are intended for tables of four or more. It will cover tastes from all corners of China’s culinary regions.

The festival celebrates the sophistication and complexity of Chinese food with dishes beyond the well-known favourites such as dimsum and kung pao chicken.

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Chopstick Fest will release recipes and videos showcasing select dishes to give viewers an inside look into the history and the passion it takes to create them.

Here’s the lineup of participating restaurants:

  • (To Hot) ChongQing Style Pot
  • 0755 Restaurant
  • 21 Nautical Miles
  • Bestie Chicken Pot
  • Bushuair Restaurant
  • Chuanxi Plain Hotpot
  • Efendi Uygur Restaurant
  • Floata Seafood Restaurant
  • Golden Lake Restaurant
  • Grand Dynasty
  • House of Canton
  • Imperial City Bistro
  • Ken’s Chinese Restaurant
  • Kung Fu Noodle
  • Lamb Hot Pot
  • Li’s China Grill
  • Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot
  • Lu Charcoal Grill
  • Maji Restaurant
  • Morals Village
  • Mr. Chili Noodle House
  • New Starlet Restaurant
  • Nu Chinese Bistro
  • Orange Corner Crepe House
  • Sai Woo
  • Shaolin Noodle
  • Spicy Beauty Restaurant
  • Szechuan Cuisine
  • True’s Tea
  • Yuan’s Chuan Chuan Ziang

For more information, visit the website.

Vancouver Chopstick Fest 2016

When: October 15th to the 30th

Where: Various restaurants across Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby

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