Call To Action Conference (CTA) Vancouver 2019


The annual Call To Action (CTA) Conference is one of Vancouver’s best marketing events that lets you learn from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

On Wednesday, September 25th and Thursday, September 26th, Unbounce, a local leading landing page platform will be hosting marketers, entrepreneurs and executives from around the world at one of Canada’s leading digital marketing conferences.

Launched in 2014, the Call To Action Conference is a thoughtfully curated, made for action conference experience designed for a rapidly changing landscape.

For 2019, organizers want attendees to be ready for “two days of value-packed insights”. This year’s conference will feature 20 speakers who fall under one of six core elements of “Marketing IQ.”

These core elements are:

  • Design
  • Copy
  • Analytics
  • Process
  • Strategy
  • Emotion

Below you’ll find the full speaker lineup.

CTA Conference Speaker Lineup 2019

  • Andy Crestodina (Co-founder / CMO, Orbit Media Studios)
  • Angie Schottmuller (Founder & Chief Optimizer, Interactive Artisan)
  • Talia Wolf (Founder & Chief Optimizer, GetUplift)
  • Larry Kim (CEO, MobileMonkey)
  • Britney Muller (Senior SEO Scientist, Moz)
  • Ross Simmonds (Founder, Foundation Marketing)
  • Sonia Thompson (CEO, Thompson Media Group)
  • Carl Schmidt (CTO & Co-founder, Unbounce)
  • Flavilla Fongang (Founder, 3 Colours Rule)
  • Jason Miller (Head of Brand Marketing, EMEA Microsoft)
  • Joanna Wiebe (CEO, Copyhackers)
  • Brian Massey (The Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences)
  • Nadya Khoja (Chief Growth Officer, Venngage)
  • Nir Eyal (Best-Selling Author,
  • Sarah Gurbach (Senior Account Manager, SEO and Audience Insights, Seer Interactive)
  • Oli Gardner (Co-founder, Unbounce)
  • Brian Cugelman (Senior Behavioral Scientist, AlterSpark)
  • Tiffany Da Silva (Founder,
  • Colin Loughran (Content Creator, Unbounce)
  • William Leach (Founder and CEO, TriggerPoint Design)

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CTA Conference Vancouver 2019

Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre - 630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Admission: $576.73 - $961.93

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Date: Wednesday September 25th, 2019 - Thursday September 26th, 2019

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