Best Haunted Houses In Metro Vancouver

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Your teeth are clenched. There’s a strange green slime decorating the floors around you. Blood stains splatter the endless maze of walls in front of you.

Thud, thud, thud.

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Someone is lurking around the corner, but it’s so dark that you’re not sure where they are – or who they are.

Suddenly, a leather-faced monster of a human grabs your arm and tugs you while moaning, “Urghhhhhh!”

It’s that time of the year again!

If you love the heebie-jeebies and all things spooky, then you need to check out our list of the most insidious Haunted Houses in Metro Vancouver.

Potter's House of Horros/ Facebok

Potter’s House of Horrors Official Facebook

Potter’s House of Horrors | Surrey

Opening on October 1st, Potter’s House of Horrors is the craziest place to spook yourself while winding through two devilish houses. It’s “twice the terror, twice the fun” for all of you thriller enthusiasts in the 604.

House #1: Monstrosity – The brand new addition to Potter’s, this haunted house will give you the feeling that some dark, shady person is stalking you and ready to attack at any moment! You’ll enjoy a panicked walk through gothic arches, nasty sewers, space age terror, abandoned prisons and much more.

House #2: The Swampin’ Slaughterhouse – The name does not do this popular house justice. This creepy place transports you to a southern haunted mansion located in a Louisiana swamp. Imagine eerie libraries, dark cellars, and oozy swamps filled with questionable bodies. Yuck!

Tickets range in price, but Adult Double House combos are just $15!

Located at 12530 72nd Avenue.

Fearmongers Website

Fearmongers Website

Fearmongers Haunted House | Richmond

Metro Vancouver’s most exhilarating, immersive and interactive (also terrifying AF) Haunted House happens to be in Richmond, with 14 mythology themed rooms to travel through with traps, monsters, obstacles and more!

And if you’re thirsty, there’s a VIP lounge for all of you booze enthusiasts, too. Granville Island Brewing is a sponsor, so you can bet there will be some cold, delicious beer to make the experience much more thrilling (and blurry).

The house will take you nearly an hour to complete – remember to bring an extra pair of underwear, you’ll need it.

Fearmongers is too scary for anyone under 19, so you must be of legal age to attend this insane place.

Regular tickets are $66.66, while VIP Tickets are $86.66 which gets you an extra room, a complimentary beer, food, and a chance to sit down with the creators to give your feedback for next year’s haunt.

Located at #5 – 14211 Burrows Road.

Gravecouver Haunted House | Burnaby

Want more than just a haunted house?

Gravecouver takes over the upper level of Metrotown’s Metropolis with 13 raunchy rooms for you to explore, screech and run wild in the opposite direction from.

You’ll come face-to-face with zombies and other disgusting sights, all while experiencing moving floors beneath you, spook-tacular surprises and more.

The website is down at the moment, so purchase your tickets in person at Metrotown (or check back at for the site to go live before October 15th, the opening night).

If you’re looking for a crazy costume for Halloween, you’ll be able to do some scary shopping while visiting Gravecouver, as well!

Fright Nights at Playland Official Facebook

Fright Nights at Playland Official Facebook

Fright Nights at Playland | Vancouver

This one is a given. Fright Nights always delivers when it comes to haunted houses. Known as Western Canada’s Scariest Haunt, Playland brings madness to the fairgrounds with 7 heinous houses, 15 rides, 2 thrilling live shows, and tons of delicious fair treats to gorge on while you contemplate life.

Want a sneak peak of the Keepers Doll Factory (one of) the newest haunted houses at Fright Nights? Check out the bloodcurdling video below:

Get your tickets to Fright Nights before they sell out! Tickets range in price, depending on which date you choose to attend.

Located at 2901 East Hastings Street.


Seattle Immersive Theatre Official Facebook

Seattle Immersive Theatre Official Facebook

Harvest Immersive Theatre | Seattle

If you take a 2 and half hour drive south of the Canadian border, you’ll find a haunted house that goes far beyond the usual call of duty when it comes to scaring people.

This adult only event (remember, it’s 21-years-old in the US) will knock your socks off and make them run all the way home to Vancouver.

Sip some liquid courage at the Doctor’s Cocktail Party before freely wandering through Seattle’s largest immersive and horrific experience.

The city’s most talented visual artists bring the gruesome open world to life through this interactive haunted adventure.

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your showtime; be sure to bring your ID because they will be checking – and you’ll have to sign a waiver form, too.

Talk about badass!

Purchase your tickets here.

Located at 701 5th Avenue North.


Know of any other horrendously scary Haunted Houses in the 604 – or nearby? Let us know in the comments below and we may check them out, if we work up enough courage!

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