Acts of Resistance: Artist Talk 2020

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Join Coast Salish artists Ronnie Dean Harris, Marissa Nahanee, Ocean Hyland and Brandon Gabriel – featured in MOV’s Acts of Resistance exhibition.

Here, you can be part of an in-depth panel discussion, exploring their individual art practices and approach to designing “protest art,” notably their work commissioned for Project Sparrow.

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This 2018 Greenpeace action exposed threats to local waters posed by increased tanker traffic. It’s in response to the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) Pipeline project.

The Project Sparrow

The Project Sparrow bridge blockade featured seven 40 foot uniquely designed streamers. They were dramatically propelled and flown by activists suspended beneath the Second Narrows bridge.

This 38-hour action drew the attention of media outlets who transmitted live and recorded footage. It created global awareness for the TMX project and its violation of Indigenous rights.

The streamers, several designed by Host Nation artists, are currently on display at MOV. They’re visual reminders of the First Nations territories compromised by the pipeline expansion.

Indigenous Nations have struggled to protect their land entitlement, cultural heritage and basic human rights since European contact.

Indigenous design motifs and displays of visual culture effectively serve as symbolic and lived opposition to discourses and practices of colonization.

They signal an inexplicable connection to the land and its biodiversity, while expressing the obligation of indigenous peoples to protect their traditional territories.

When artists invoke traditional designs in a protest setting their presence can deliver cracks to dominant discourses and increase awareness to environmental and social injustices, propelling necessary dialogue.

Guest artists will speak to their individual approaches to protest design, their art practices and the cultural and aesthetic influences that inform their work.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from diverse artists within Indigenous communities. Here, they address the challenges and successes of representing their Nations and the politics of sovereignty through individual artistic practices.

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Acts of Resistance: Artist Talk 2020

Location: Museum of Vancouver - 1100 Chestnut Street

Admission: $15 Early bird, $17 adults, $16 MOV members and Students. Free for individuals who self-identify as Indigenous.

Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

Date: Thursday March 5th, 2020

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