Italian Day On Commercial Drive 2015

'Little Italy' Italian Day On Commercial Drive 2015

Ciao, 604 people!

Do you love Italian culture? The people are extravagant and boisterous, the music is full of accordions, and the food is bursting with meatballs and saucy goodness. Now, imagine a day dedicated to all of the above. Well, all of your Italian dreams will come true on June 14, 2015 for Italian Day!

Italian Day on the Drive celebrates everything Italian – and spans 13 blocks of Commercial Drive. Dubbed ‘Little Italy’, Commercial Drive holds a special place in the hearts of Italians since it boasts over 50 years of rich history, making it the perfect venue for such event.

The Drive will hum with Italian music, shake with traditional dancing, and smell like an aroma of traditional Italian food. You’ll find yourself saying, “That’s a spicy meatball!” Come for the food, but stay for the activities and product exhibits throughout the streets.

Italian Day On Commercial Drive 2015photo credit: Heather Harvey

Each year, Italian Day takes on a special theme – this year being Italian ART: architecture, painting, sculpture, cinema, music, performance, literature, design and culinary art.

Although the theme revolves around Italian culture and art specifically, the theme focuses on bringing out the creative side in everyone. Art allows us to express ourselves through many different forms, yet somehow brings us all together on a level of appreciation unlike any other. This year, Italian Day will blend culture and art together to create a truly spectacular event.


Italian Day on The Drive

When: Sunday, June 14, 2015
Where: Commercial Drive (Venables St. to Grandview Hwy)
What: A day to celebrate everything artsy and Italian!


For more information, check out the Italian Day 2015 event page HERE.


Written by 604 Now’s proud Italian: Crystal Scuor
Image via Roger Luo

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