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Escort-Involved Robberies Are On The Rise In Surrey

Surrey robberies

Photo: David Rose Vancouver / Flickr

There is some scrooge behaviour occurring with escorts in Surrey.

Unsure if the holidays or the poor weather have anything to do with it, but Surrey RCMP are finding a sudden surge in robberies linked to the use of online escort services.

RCMP reported investigating three separate incidents since September.

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In all three cases, men who arranged to meet with an escort for a sexual encounter were robbed. The RCMP have considered that this may be a more widespread problem. As such investigators are looking at and working with other jurisdictions. They are encouraging anyone who has had such an experience to report it.

The police do understand that a lot of people who use escort services may be hesitant to come forward and make a police report. However, unreported crimes may help with investigating these recent Surrey robberies.

RCMP are also reminding people to use the following precautions when using escorts:

  1. Do not use drugs or alcohol that can impair your ability
  2. Do not consume anything provided to you by the escort
  3. Do not have valuables on hand
  4. Use a buddy system so that someone knows where you are and can contact police if they do not hear from you

If anyone wants to report an incident or has information on such robberies, Surrey RCMP can be contacted at 604-599-0502.


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