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Electric Vehicle Drivers Can Now Use HOV Lanes On BC Highways

Hyundai Brings A New Innovation To Canada With The Tucson FCEV

Hyundai Brings A New Innovation To Canada With The Tucson FCEV

The 2016 Globe Conference On Sustainability and Innovation is officially underway in Vancouver, with many leaders from across the country such as Justin Trudeau, in attendance.  

Premier Christy Clark wasted no time in announcing that eligible electric vehicles in British Columbia will now be allowed to travel in HOV lanes without having to meet occupancy requirements.

“British Columbians are increasingly embracing alternative and greener transportation options,” Premier Clark said. “And we can encourage even more by making it easier and more efficient, like allowing electric vehicle owners to use HOV lanes, regardless of occupancy requirements.”

To be eligible, drivers of electric vehicles must receive and display a special decal issued by the province. Decals will be issued to drivers of electric vehicles, which are defined as battery electric, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The decals must be clearly displayed on the reader bumper or window, and be visible at all times.

“Drivers who make environmentally-friendly decisions like buying an electric vehicle should be rewarded,” Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone said. “By choosing electric, drivers will not only benefit from a shorter and more reliable commute that HOV lanes provide, they will save money and help the environment.”

Tabs will be posted below highway HOV signs to promote the new benefit of driving an electric vehicles in B.C.

Encouraging environmentally-friendly transportation is part of the government’s broader strategy to ensure British Columbia remains a climate action leader.

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