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You Can Rent and Ride E-Scooters in Metro Vancouver This Summer

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Why walk when you can scoot?

If you wanted to see electric scooters in B.C., you will get a chance to try them this summer. The provincial government have just approved a pilot program for them. 

Electric Scooters

There are 6 cities where they will be tested out in: Vancouver, Kelowna, Vernon, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. They will be allowed in areas where the speed limit is 50km/h or less, as the E-scooters will be travelling at the speed limit of 24 km/h.

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There was speculation of electric scooters (or E-scooters) becoming a part of Metro Vancouver’s transportation back last year. This was before Lyft and Uber had entered locally. 

At the time, and still presently, The B.C. Motor Vehicle Act doesn’t allow E-scooters on roads or sidewalks. However, there is an amendment that allows communities to work with the province on pilot programs. 

Moving Forward

If the governments pass bylaws outlining where they can be used, then E-scooters will be treated the same as E-bikes (a driver’s licence or insurance is not needed,  riders must be at least 16, wear a helmet and follow road rules). Essentially it comes down to each community doing a trial and working out what works, and coming up with localized bylaws that are safe for the public. 

E-scooters have been proven popular in West Coast communities in the US and abroad.

Looking at their successes and failures, local cities here have said they will announce when and where E-scooters will be permitted later this year.


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