White Supremacist Flyers Calling On The “White Man” Given Out In East Vancouver

White Supremacy Flyer

East Vancouver residents opened their doors this week to find flyers calling on the “White Man” to join in on white supremacy.

Police are investigating the racist flyers they found in the Killarney and Renfrew-Collingwood area.

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The East Vancouver flyers call on white men to “say no more” to “anti-white propaganda.” It claims White Nationalism is the fastest growing “civil-rights movement” in North America.

White Supremacy Flyer

Photo: Facebook

And it states White Nationalism is the “only movement that puts the interests of our people first!”

“It’s unsettling to see outright propaganda in our own backyard,” one resident told CTV News. “I don’t know what (the people who distributed the flyers) are capable of.”

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