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Dude Chilling Park To Become Legit in Vancouver


Around the same time Apple announced the iPhone 5 and the new iOs operating system, Vancouverites were a little confused when coming across Apple’s first glitch, in which, for some odd reason, re-named Mount Pleasant neighbourhood’s Guelph Park to “Dude Chilling Park” on their iPhone’s.

Though city officials corrected the near-perfect imitation of an official city sign from Guelph Park at E 7th Avenue and Brunswick Street after it came to their attention, the Vancouver park board is now on a mission to make “Dude Chilling Park” legit and will put forward a motion to find it a permanent place in Vancouver.

The increasing popularity of the new park named even confused Google and led them to temporarily change the parks name on Google maps. So far, over 2000 people signed an online petition to rename the park. The board will hold the vote Monday March 11th and given the feedback, will likely add “Dude Chilling Park” to the city of Vancouver.

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