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Tech Leaders Propose Driverless Highway Between Vancouver and Seattle

Photo: Madrona Venture Group Report

Commuting from Vancouver to Seattle could look a whole lot different with a separate lane designated for driverless vehicles.

Madrona Venture Group released a report proposing an autonomous vehicle plan for the I-5 Seattle/Vancouver corridor.

The plan is an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve the overall travel experience.

Tech giants like Tesla and Uber, along with auto companies such as Ford and GM have been testing new technologies to ensure that autonomous vehicles are safe.

The main benefit of this would be that driver’s gain time that would otherwise be lost while driving.

Photo: Madrona Venture Group Report
Photo: Madrona Venture Group Report

The report mentions other benefits, such as reduced vehicle accidents, less environmental damage, reduction of the need for more freeways and lanes, reduced congestion, and lower transportation costs.

While there were accidents using autonomous vehicles in the early days of its conception—the report mentions that nearly 25,000 road deaths last year could have been prevented with the use of driverless vehicles.

For more information and to read the entire report, visit the website.

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