You May Soon Be Able To Drink Legally At The Beach

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Pretty soon, you may be able to enjoy a glass of wine or beer at a Vancouver beach.

Vancouver city councillor Christine Boyle is planning to present the motion of legalizing public drinking.

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As restaurants offer alcohol to go, Boyle made the argument that Vancouverites should be able to enjoy it at the beach or park.

“During this crisis we’ve been encouraged to go outside,” said Boyle. “I think our residents can be responsible and enjoy a local drink.”

But Vancouver Park Board commissioner John Coupar pointed out the park board has jurisdiction over this and not city council.

While he is all for legalizing drinks on the beach, he told CTV News he doesn’t think it can be done in time for this summer.

The Vancouver Park Board had introduced the idea before. The board created a pilot project, where concession stands could sell alcohol for people to drink in designated areas.

City councillors will discuss two motions at the City Council meeting scheduled for May 26, 2020:

  • Allowing Responsible Alcohol Consumption in Vancouver Parks and Beaches
  • Designating Public Space for Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

Do you think it’s time Vancouver legalizes public drinking at local parks and beaches? Share why or why not in the comments below!

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Featured photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks

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