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‘Don’t Be A Rapist’ Posters Flood UBC

Don't Be A Rapist

UBC’s Vancouver campus has issued an official warning for students to not walk alone at night after a fourth assault in the last few weeks has taken place.

In all unfortunate situations, female victims have described a man whom is caucasian, in the ages between 20 – 30, standing six feet two inches tall, with a thin build, approaching them unexpectedly and attacking them.

In a recent situation, a 17 year old student was walking through the campus at night (in the 2500 block of West Mall to be specific) where she was rushed by a man out of a wooded area. The man quickly grabbed her and tried to pull her back into the trees. The women, was fortunately able to break free and ran while screaming for help.

UBC has increased it’s campus security presence and the RCMP has launched an investigation under the Major Crime Unit.

Meanwhile, UBC students have put their foot down, and are taking their own initiative’s to help and protect one another. Female students were given safety whistles and encouraged never to walk alone during the night. If for any circumstance they need to, UBC has put in place a Safewalk service which escorts students across the campus safely.

Students have also flooded the campus with posters (this isn’t the first time) posted anonymously stating such things as:

  • “Don’t be a creep! Learn how to manage your sex drive”
  • “Since when is rape cool?”
  • “Don’t be a rapist”
  • “Someone walking alone is not an invitation for you to rape or assault”

Don't Be A Rapist

We hope the last attack, was the final and the RCMP track down the mysterious attacker. In specific weeks, especially during midterms and finals, students have no choice but to study late, most outside their dorms and homes at the campus library. Students are entitled to safety on campus, regardless of which institution they attend.

It’s also important to point out that UBC is no ordinary campus. The university sits on 400 hectares on a land surrounded by forests on three sides.

Photo Credit: @hallaek

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