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Dominic Purcell Bashes Vancouver On Instagram

Dominic Purcell is currently in Vancouver for the filming of Prison Break’s new season.

While many people, including celebrities, often fall in love with the city during their stay, Purcell seems to be disgusted.

Through an Instagram post, the California-based actor hailing from Australia expressed his frustrations and at one point states Vancouver has a “leaking cloud problem”. The last time we checked, we’ve had consistent warm weather and just recorded the hottest April in the city’s history..

The actor also seems bothered that people often urge him to go on hikes, biking, or visit Whistler. “I’m here to work. That’s the only attraction at this point.”

Perhaps his biggest frustration is the city’s large homeless population. Unlike his previous comments, he does raise a point here that many have called out recently, including Snoop Dogg during an April visit.

Purcell concludes his post by stating “I’m up here in my beautiful hotel suite preaching”. You can see his full Instagram post below:

VANCOUVERS GULAG ………..#vancouver been here now getting on a #year not a sunny day in sight. I think I’ve seen 4 days of nice weather. People say we had 3 days of #sunshine like #santa just arrived. Well congratulations. I grew up in Australia Yo and have lived in the beautiful sunny #california for twenty years where I #surf and play in the ocean. Oh did I tell you I’m Australian/American. Anyway Stop telling me to go on hikes get on a bike and ride around a Lake or swim in its frigid waters oh and #whistler enough!!! I’m here to work. That’s the only attraction at this point. Not only does Vancouver have a leaking cloud problem they have a homeless population problem that roam the streets in desperate need for help. It appears the Vancouver government and its #politicians to my eyes at least are much more inclined to turn a blind eye too the mentally ill and homeless and rather focus on the enormous amount of construction serving foreign investment groups. Why am I saying this ? Because I’ve been around the world many times and have not seen so many displaced mentally ill people take up entire blocks and turn it into a place of disturbing sadness and horror. It’s the same everywhere I guess not just Vancouver. Yeah yeah I’m preaching which I hate to do because not for a second do I believe I’m some kind of Saint I’m just as flawed just as selfish as the next #idiot. I’m up here in my beautiful hotel suite preaching. But hey it ain’t my job it’s the governments job the politicians job to serve its people. So when you visit Vancouver and enjoy the beautiful lakes, mountains it’s pretty little parks cute little trails. Be sure to check out Hastings street not as pretty it’s where you get to see a very very real part of Vancouver. Ps. Can wait to read the hate comments I get. Haha.

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