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Dishcrawl – A Taste of Vancouver’s West End [Review]

Vancouver is known for it’s fabulous and diverse culinary experiences. Cuisines from every corner of the world are usually available within a five-block radius. My recent experience with “Dishcrawl Vancouver” allowed me to dine at four different restaurants in one night, while meeting new friends who also share the same love for food as I do. Julia Child was onto something when she said – “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

My Dishcrawl event took place in Vancouver’s bustling West End. The restaurants were kept a secret and were only revealed minutes before making our way to the next spot.

Our first stop was Ap Gu Jung, a Korean restaurant located at 1642 Robson St. Here we were given a huge portion of five different authentic Korean dishes. My favorite of the five was the Seafood and Green Onion pancake. Pancakes usually bore me but the mix of different seafood paired with the perfect crisp from a quick fry in the pan made this an extremely enjoyable appetizer. The BBQ chicken skewers were also a hit with skewered, tender pieces of chicken breast, smothered in a sweet Korean BBQ sauce. All in all, I’d rate this place a 4/5. The authenticity of the dishes demands a second visit.


Our second stop was Takayama Ramen, a hidden gem found in the Robson Public Market. Takayama offered us four different types of ramen, all of them including noodles that were handmade by owner, Mike Asaoka. My two favorite were the White Sesame ramen and the Sweet and Spicy ramen. Both were extremely different flavor profiles – The White Sesame being more of a savoury, rich broth while the Sweet and Spicy had a kick to it that kept you coming back for more. The handmade noodles were definitely the highlight of the dish – they had the perfect firmness to them that allowed them to stand up well to the warm broth. I would give this little Ramen joint a 4.5/5. Nothing tastes better than noodles made with love.

The third stop of the night was Forage, located at 1300 Robson St. Forage is a restaurant that believes in sourcing locally whenever possible. Head Chef, Chris Whittaker greeted us before we were served, sharing his love and passion for Forage’s farm-to-table concept. Here we were served three different dishes from their menu, my favorite being the Foraged and Cultivated Mushrooms with Goat Cheese, served on caraway Rye. The meaty and earthy flavor of the mushrooms paired with the creaminess of the goat cheese was incredible. Spread on a toasted, lightly buttered piece of caraway Rye, I found my new favorite way to eat mushrooms. Forage receives a 4/5 for great, West-Coast inspired dishes.

Last but not least was our dessert stop – Capstone Tea and Fondue located at 1429 Robson St. A pot of warm, semi-sweet dark chocolate, freshly baked macaroons, mini cheesecake bites, and little ice cream balls of joy was the perfect way to end a night of feasting and good conversation. I give Capstone an easy 5/5, partially because I’m biassed and if you give me chocolate you can pretty much do no wrong.

Dishcrawl West End was a fun way to explore some of Robson Street’s hidden gems. I would recommend it to anybody who loves good food and meeting fellow foodies!

For more information, visit: http://dishcrawl.com/vancouver

Written by: Melanie Booth

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