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Discounted Online Tickets + More Coming To BC Ferries

BC Ferries New Promo Offers Half Price Sailings This Fall - Discounted Online Tickets + More Coming To BC Ferries

The Ferry Corp is finally doing something to make consumers.. happy!

The Ferry Corp recently applied to the BC Ferries Commissioner to add ‘Fare Flexibility and Digital Experience Initiative’  which proposes e-commerce and information technology upgrades that will drive significant change in how the company does business and serves its customers over the next decade.

“BC Ferries has heard from our customers that they want more flexibility in how they book travel in the future, more certainty at the terminal that they will be able to board the sailing they want, and more opportunities for discounted fares,” said Mike Corrigan, BC Ferries’ President and CEO. “We plan to invest in information technology and e-commerce systems that will meet those goals while incrementally increasing traffic and keeping fares lower than they would be under the current business model.

The Initiative includes two business strategies.

  • The Fare Flexibility and Revenue Management Strategy sets out a new system to manage fares and improve operational efficiency through better capacity management.
  • The Digital Experience Strategy will provide customers with a modernized e-commerce platform, greater online functionality and booking options, and better access to BC Ferries through systems and applications designed specifically for mobile, tablet and desktop channels.

BC Ferries’ current website and IT systems are outdated, rigid and inflexible, and cannot support the new approach to pricing, capacity management, and purchase of ancillary services.

The Initiative will be introduced through phases. Initially, customers on the Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes will have opportunities for discounted fares for off-peak travel times and the ability to book in advance without a reservation fee.

If the new initiatives are improved, it won’t be until 2017 the changes are implemented.


Image via BCFerries

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