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Delta Takes Stance On Storefront Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries have been equally a popular topic and a popular venture in metro Vancouver.

It’s no secret that British Columbia is well known for green, and the potential legalization nationwide has users on the edge of their seat in anticipation.

In the meantime however, local municipalities are putting their foot down on dispensary business licenses,  most notably in Vancouver.

Richmond too is cracking down on dispensaries around the city. One of their most notable closures took place recently, forcing a company to close before they opened and sell off their marijuana grow-op equipment at an auction.

The Corporation of Delta has not been immune to marijuana dispensary applications either, and recently issued a cease of operations for a dispensary that opened doors for business on Scott Road.

The dispensary later filed for a business license and was rejected.

In a press release, Delta’s Council states its decision was based upon current municipal and federal bylaws, and not on potential laws that may be approved in the future.

The release adds that Delta will take all necessary steps, up to and including filing court injunctions, to prohibit marijuana dispensaries unless legally permitted by the Canadian Government.

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