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Cruise To Retrace Titanic’s Sail; Will Carry Relatives Of Original Passengers

This coming Sunday, a cruise ship that will carry relatives of original passengers, authors, historians, and others will retrace the exact route that the original Titanic cruise ship was set to sail in April, 1912. The Titanic Memorial Cruise will allow people to get insight into what passengers 100 years ago experienced, with similar music like the live band that played until the ship sank, and similar food to what was given to passengers on the original cruise.

Organizers of the memorial cruise have said that people from over 28 countries have booked tickets for the cruise and ticket prices can vary from $4,445 to $9,520. Organizers have also set up a memorial service that will take place on April 14, starting at 11:40 pm when the ship first hit the iceberg, and again when the ship fully sank.

100 years ago when the Titanic did sink in the North Atlantic waters, it took 1,500 lives with it, and has changed history since. This cruise is only one of the many commemorations and memorials that will take place this year marking the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.

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