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16 Cruise Ships Will Flood Vancouver With Thousands Of Passengers This Week

Cruise Ships

It it isn’t usually that difficult to hail a taxi in downtown Vancouver on a regular weekday; however, the arrival of 16 cruise ships in under a week might make doing so a challenge.

Starting Wednesday, May 30th, the Port of Vancouver welcomes the first three vessels for the upcoming week. These include the Island Princess, Volendam and Seven Seas Navigator, which each carry a sizeable number of guests.

For example, the Island Princess has a passenger capacity of 2,200 people. What’s more, that doesn’t even account for its crew, who often go ashore for a brief period of time upon disembarkation. On this ship alone, there are over 900 crew on board.

Earlier this May, downtown Vancouver experienced similar congestion when 50,000 people descended into the streets in a weeks time.

Of course, these ships are a boon to the local economy. Not only do they provide business for taxis, but they usually spend some time in Vancouver post-sailing. As a result, they’ll spend lots of money in hotels, restaurants, shops, and doing various activities throughout Metro Vancouver.

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Cruise Ships in Vancouver

Last year, the Port of Vancouver welcomed 842,928 cruise passengers on 236 vessel visits. This reflects a 2% growth since 2016. Each ship brings an average of $3 million to the local economy.

Of course, when these ships disembark in the waterfront area, all within mere hours of one another, you can expect a great deal of foot traffic. In addition, the area will be flooded with taxis, as well shuttles and other vehicles.

Owing this, it is a good idea to plan your schedule around these disembarkation periods. Not only will it be hard to hail a cab, but all of the eateries and cafes in the area will be packed.


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