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Cory Schneider Eyes Vancouver Return

cory schneider

Who received a bigger shock this summer, Cory Schneider because he got traded? Or Roberto Luongo because the Canucks didn’t trade him?

Both athletes, who are good friends were left in awe at the hands of the Canucks management this summer. Cory, who will now debut as a New Jersey Devil, says he’s looking forward to playing against the Canucks in his early season return on October 8th, 2013.

“Might as well do it early. I’m not going to put too much into it. I’m moving on. I’m excited to be in Jersey and focused on that. It would be nice to beat them because they’re a good team and it’s a fun building to play in. So, I’m looking forward to it … I’m sure it will be a big story in Vancouver, but for us it can’t be a distraction. It’s got to be another game.”

It will be a big story no doubt, however Schneider may not even play. The New Jersey Devils coach will likely play their all-star goalie Martin Brodeur, however, there is always the possibility of giving Schneider the green light.

“It would be fun to play in front of those fans again because they were great fans and always treated me very well and I’m sure it would be a compelling story if I did (play). But, for me, personally, I love to play every game.”


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