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Massive Stinky Flower To Bloom In Vancouver And Unleash Rotting Flesh Stench

Corpse Flower

Photo: bloedel_conservatory / Instagram

It is the world’s largest flower, and it is also quite beautiful; however, the Corpse Flower reeks like rotting flesh when it blooms.

The stinky plant will unleash its vile perfume in the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park in the next few days. So, if you want to absorb its pungent odour up close and personal, now is your chance.

While that may not sound appealing, the plant is fascinating. Indeed, its origin traces to the vast rain forests of Sumatra, where the unpredictable flower blooms at random, every seven to ten years.

Each year, it produces a leaf, which reaches an astounding 15 feet! This allows the plant to absorb energy from the sun. Further, the plant’s corm may weigh a hefty 200 pounds, making it the heaviest in the world.

The City of Vancouver is also asking for your help to naming the plant with popular options like Uncle Fester, Odorable, and more. Vote here!

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Corpse Flower in Vancouver

The plant’s proper name is the Amorphophallus titanum, and Blodel acquired it in 2016.

“Horticulturists noticed a 11 inch spongy flower bud formed on Thursday, June 21 and by June 29, 2018 the bud was 28 inches tall,” reads a statement from the Parks Board.

What do you think that the City of Vancouver ought to name the flower? 

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